Southwest Transplant Alliance and Taylor’s Gift Partner to Form the Outlive Yourself Foundation

Southwest Transplant Alliance is creating a foundation to drive research and education, support organ and tissue donation, and serve the needs of donor families and transplant recipients. Called the Outlive Yourself Foundation, it was formed in partnership with Taylor’s Gift Foundation.

Todd and Tara Storch founded Taylor’s Gift Foundation in 2010 after their 13-year-old daughter Taylor unexpectedly passed away, and it has supported organ donor families in multiple states since then. STA has been recovering donated organs for individuals awaiting a transplant for more than 40 years, and recently broke ground on a new facility for organ removal, which includes a place for donor family services and support called Taylor’s Place.

“This foundation is an additional way for us to give back to our community and to provide care to both our organ and tissue donor families as well as transplant recipients,” said STA CEO Patti Niles via release.

“Todd and I are thrilled with where this path has led. The partnership with STA has opened up ways to make an even more significant impact in the world of organ donation,” said Tara Storch via release. “We are an organ donor family, and one of the many things we are passionate about is continuing to provide support to donor families as well as organ transplant recipients. The opportunity to do that via Outlive Yourself Foundation is just tremendous.”

Taylor’s Gift’s Executive Director Emily Allbright will be the Executive Director of Outlive Yourself Foundation and Tara Storch will be President.


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