An Introduction To The New Editor Of D CEO Healthcare

Starting today, D CEO Healthcare has a new editor. His name is Will Maddox, a talented reporter and writer who comes over from the Lakewood Advocate. We’re really excited to have landed him.

This means goodbye for me. I’ll be starting this week on the D side where I’ve been named an online managing editor, so you’ll still be able to find my byline at Will now takes over the daily operations and content of this website; he’ll be writing and editing all the features, news briefs, analysis, expert opinion, etc. that you’ve come to expect from us. I leave you in capable hands.

More about Will: He came to this profession after teaching high school English—and coaching high school soccer and cross country—for four years here in Dallas. He wrote stories as a freelancer along the way, and in 2017, decided to make the jump into full-time journalism, taking a job as the East Dallas editor for Advocate Magazines. There, he wrote blog posts and features on all sorts of topics, occasionally touching healthcare.

Will has written about the struggles of the family of an 18-year-old who was killed and about transplant patients who get the rare chance to hold their own heart for the Advocate, and, on a lighter note for the DMN, about some of the best spots for day hikes around Dallas.

I’m so appreciative of the way this community reached out to me in various ways during my time as editor, keeping my folder of story ideas thick and list of coffee appointments long. I know you all will do the same for Will. He can be reached at [email protected] and followed on twitter at @WillCMaddox.


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