The Ticket's Craig Miller completed his second Iron Man triathlon in June.

How Craig Miller Works Out in 20 Minutes

The Ticket's radio personality shares how he switches it up to stay fit.

Craig “Junior” Miller is not your average sports radio broadcaster. When he’s not chatting about football, baseball or basketball as one half of the Dunham and Miller Show on 1310 The Ticket, he is on his bike, in the pool, or lacing up his running shoes (in fact, Miller just completed his second Ironman in June). Who better to share fitness tips and nutrition inspiration than the sports talk king himself?


D Magazine: What’s your typical daily workout routine?
Craig Miller: I work early mornings, so I’ll eat after work, take a nap, then work out in the afternoons—either a ride, a run, a swim, or a gym session—depending on what events I might be training for.

What’s your usual breakfast?
Over the course of four hours during our morning show, I eat or drink 48 ounces of water, a cup of coffee, a small bowl of oatmeal, a banana, and two PowerBars (or Odwalla Bars, Cliff Bars, or whatever I’m into at the moment).

What is your go-to cheat meal?
A cheeseburger.  I became a pescatarian (I eat fish, but no red meat, chicken, turkey or pork) a few years ago, but I’ll still eat a burger a few times a year.

Name a song from your workout playlist. 
None! I don’t understand how people ride or run while listening to music. It’s dangerous. You should be able to hear anything—cars, bikes, others, or Bigfoot—coming up behind you. Plus, it’s important to get in touch with nature and be aware of your surroundings, your body, your breathing and your footsteps. You need to listen to all of those elements to accomplish that. 

How would you define being “healthy” and “fit”?
There are hundreds of little things that go into defining a healthy or fit person—it’s very individual.  For me I feel healthy and fit if I’m in good enough shape to go for a long bike ride or long run at the drop of a hat, if I get a clean bill of health from my doctor, if I eat well, if I sleep a lot, and if I have a clean and uncluttered of mind.