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Staying Out Late With DJ Sober

I was out past my bedtime two nights in a row and once on a school night. But it was worth it.
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DJ Sober, Will Rhoten
Sober gets things started at Ferris Wheelers in the Design District, kicking off our weekend adventure. Oscar Lozada

I have been trying to do a story on Will Rhoten, aka DJ Sober, for a number of years. The reason it didn’t happen until now is that I wasn’t pushing too hard. I don’t push too hard. Anyway, it was sort of an evergreen idea, because he’s always working. My position on these things is they happen when they’re supposed to happen. My feature on Sober that (finally) appears in our February issue is proof of that. We couldn’t have picked a better weekend to do what I planned: follow him around as he spun at various places to various people.

My original thought was to take on a full week. Two days turned out to be enough, probably because it was the weekend before Halloween. There wasn’t much that I left out from our time together, except for this very short encounter that happened Saturday night at LadyLove Lounge & Sound in Bishop Arts.

I was stationed against a wall, a vantage point where I could see the entire bar, but especially the DJ booth and the dance floor. At some point, I noticed that a guy who had, let’s say, partied a little too hard, had sidled up alongside me. Unfortunately, he noticed that I noticed and we made eye contact. He proceeded to ask me numerous times if I had any weed (I didn’t) and then demanded that Sober take a photo of the two of us together, for reasons that remain unclear to me.

You can read the rest of what happened over that Halloween weekend in my story. It’s online now.


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