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Is District 107 Ready for Its New State Rep?

Linda Garcia is the sole candidate to replace Victoria Neave Criado.
Screen shot from Linda Garcia's website

When Victoria Neave Criado announced that she wanted Nathan Johnson’s Texas Senate seat, I think the Democrat-on-Democrat violence distracted everyone from the matter of who will fill Criado’s House seat for District 107, which includes parts of East Dallas, Mesquite, and Garland. The lone candidate is a Coogi sweater-wearing financial advisor who apparently uses a stack of money to make phone calls.

Meet Linda Garcia. She calls herself a “money expert” and a “spiritual gangsta,” which I guess don’t have to be mutually exclusive. She has written a book titled Money Warrior, and she teaches a stock-picking course aimed at children of immigrants. It’s called “Stacks.” Its tagline: “abandon scarcity, embrace abundance.” I got all this from Garcia’s website, In Luz We Trust. I’m sure we’ll get into this more as the November election draws nearer. For now, though, here is my favorite passage from her site:

Like most of you, our story doesn’t start with silver spoons, trust funds, and generational wealth. In fact, our story starts with years of internalized financial fears, a decade-long obsession with white men’s wealth-building habits, and a crippling job loss that felt a lot like the end. 

But it was only the beginning. 

Our founder, Linda Garcia, spent the latter half of her twenties on a journey to unlock the secrets for amassing wealth by learning everything there was to learn straight from the source. The secret, she eventually found, was shockingly simple: scared money don’t make money, and white men were bold AF when it came to securing their bag.


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