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Best of Big D

Welcome to This Year’s Best of Big D

Guys, we did it again.
The scene at last year’s Best of Big D party. This year’s will be even better.

We at D Magazine never really stop working on Best of Big D, our annual guide to all the businesses and people and places and pop-ups and what have you that make Dallas great. We simply publish our findings and continue collecting data. But if you want to get technical, the real work starts in March and continues through our Best of Big D shindig, this year happening at the reborn Longhorn Ballroom on August 17. (Tickets available here.)

It begins with a lightly contentious and lengthy meeting where we nominate potential winners and yell at someone, usually Tim Rogers, for being so short-sighted. We come up with special categories for things that don’t fit or just simply cannot go without being recognized. We go do more research, to make sure we’ve got it all correct. Sometimes this involves going to a dive bar or a donut shop, so it’s not all work, strictly speaking.

Then we write and edit and fact check and stare at it until we hate it and then keep staring until we love it, and that’s when it’s ready for you, dear reader. That’s when you get to do your work, giving these 220 or so places as much love as your schedule and budget allows.

The whole cover story is online now. Hope you enjoy it and hope to see you on August 17. Do not sneak up on me. I’m like a bear.


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