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Best of Big D

The Economic Impact of ‘Best of Big D’

A few tickets remain!
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Molly Dickson

The Best of Big D party is tomorrow at the Longhorn Ballroom. Surely you’ve heard. The $125 VIP tickets are gone. So are the $1,650 private boxes. Our limit for general admission tickets is 1,000, which we’ll hit before the doors open and the good times start rolling. If you’ve been procrastinating, you’d best buy your tickets now. Ninety-five bucks will get you more music and food than your ears and stomach can possibly handle. Go here to read about what’s in store.

Got it?

Now I want to talk about the economic impact that this party has on the city. I estimate that it is $27 million. I am basing that estimate on how much my wife spent on a new pair of cowboy boots, acquired specifically for the party. If you extrapolate from her purchase and do the maths, the number is actually $27,040,127. I rounded down. Oh, also, I bought a fancy Western shirt with pearl snaps and smile pockets and stitching on the front yokes. I included my new shirt in the estimate.

You’re welcome, Dallas. See you tomorrow night.


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