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The Story of Cedar Crest, Dallas’ Most Fabled Municipal Golf Course

Tillinghast laid out the track in 1919. Now if the city can just keep the greens in playable shape.
Cedar Crest Golf Course, as seen from above. Courtesy: Cedar Crest

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that the greens at southern Dallas’ Cedar Crest Golf Club are now in good shape. Curt Sampson, one of the best golf writers in the country, reports that “the new greens are faster, truer, and generally better than the old ones.” But for a good while last year, the greens were a mess. Things got so bad that they had to be plowed up, and the course had to be closed, costing the city of Dallas about $800,000 in repairs and reimbursements.

It never should have happened. Cedar Crest was built more than a century ago by one of the sport’s most famous architects. The course should be a gem that people make a pilgrimage to experience. So I asked Curt to find out what had happened and what Cedar Crest’s future looks like. A tease: get ready to see the course later this year on the Golf Channel.

Curt’s story, first published in the February issue of D Magazine, went online today. Even if you don’t play golf, I think you’ll enjoy reading it. Also, I wrote this preview post without making a single golf pun. You’re welcome.


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