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Leading Off (8/2/22)

Surprise! It's going to be hot today!
By Tim Rogers |

Tim Ryan Announces Retirement. After 33 years with Fox 4 and 27 years of doing the morning show there, he announced this morning that he is retiring. His last day on the air will be the 26th. We’ll have more on this at some point. Tim is one of my favorite TV hosts in town, and a run that long deserves recognition. Just like Tim himself, his retirement announcement was understated and short. Not many people know that Tim is only 5 foot 4; the camera adds 6 inches. I’m kidding, of course. Tim is actually 5 foot 5.

It’s Still Hot. The DMN has a great graphic looking at how many 100-degree days we’ve had each year going back 100 years. With 36 days in triple digits by the end of July, we are on pace this year to set a record. Yay! History!

Dallas Might Sell Trinity Forest Carbon Credits. The Park Board is going to knock around the notion, which it thinks could bring in up to $25 million over 40 years. Left unmentioned in the DMN story about the carbon credits is that about 40 percent of the Trinity Forest is some variety of ash. Now that the emerald ash borer has made it to North Texas, every one of those trees could be killed in the coming years.

James Washington Broke His Foot. The Cowboys receiver will be out for something like 10 weeks. You know what that means. Today I’ll do some speed ladder drills and work on my route running.

Wylie Man, Capitol Rioter Gets 87 Months. Guy Reffitt got the longest prison sentence yet handed out to someone who participated in the January 6 insurrection.

Dude Perfect Goes to Space. Coby Cotton will launch Thursday as a crew member on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. I look forward to the resulting trick shot.


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

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