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Leading Off (8/16/22)

Partly cloudy today, with a high of 100 and chances of moral panic
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Yaqub Talib Turns Himself In. The brother of former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib is the suspect in a killing at a youth football game over the weekend in Lancaster. He turned himself in at the Dallas County Jail. And now we’ve got a bit more information that points to an explanation for this horror: three days before the gun slaying, Talib was indicted on a methamphetamine charge, and in March he was indicted on a charge for unlawful possession of a gun.

Dallas County Gets More Monkeypox Vaccine. The county took delivery of 5,000 additional vials just a couple weeks after Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued an emergency declaration in response to the outbreak. The new vials could produce 25,000 doses with the right injection technique.

Southlake Schools to Display ‘In God We Trust’ Signs. A state law requires schools to hang the signs if they are donated, and the donor in this case is a conservative Christian wireless company called Patriot Mobile. The signs were presented at a school board meeting last night. (Related: it feels to me like someone could pull the “HOV mommy” gambit on these signs. Couldn’t you design a “In God We Trust” sign such that it communicated a message that is, um, more nuanced than merely what the words say?)


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