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Matt Bondurant to Make Triumphant Return to Dallas

The bestselling author comes to Deep Vellum June 16 to discuss his new novel, Oleander City.
By Tim Rogers |
Photo courtesy Blackstone Publishing

I’m going out on a limb here. I consider Matt a friend, though I haven’t seen him in years, since he left Dallas to take a gig at Ole Miss. But he used to teach at UTD, and we used to periodically hoist one at the Old Monk, and I’ve read a couple of his novels. So I think his return to Dallas will be triumphant. I am going to read his new book, Oleander City, and then he and I are going to talk about it at Deep Vellum on June 16.

But, hell, maybe the book is terrible. I don’t think it’ll be terrible. It’s historical fiction based on the 1900 hurricane that destroyed Galveston, and Booklist says, “Bondurant weaves together fascinating backstories with vivid descriptions of the storm and its aftermath, showing that it takes many types of courage to fight for what is right.” But maybe it’s terrible and his publisher bribed Booklist and all the fancy writers who have offered flattering blurbs. Maybe I’ll read it and hate it, and Matt’s return to Dallas will be something much less than triumphant. Maybe I’ll begin the evening at Deep Vellum by delivering a 15-minute excoriation of the book that will make Matt cry and question all his life choices.

Did I mention that there are characters in the book named after me and Zac?

It’s going to be triumphant. This will be a blast. Put it on your calendar.


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

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