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Leading Off (4/18/22)

Cloudy today, with a high of 75 and a chance no chance of Luka
By Tim Rogers |

Mavs Win! It was a thrilling, amazing, inspiring game. Fun, too. Let’s check in with the Salt Lake City Tribune. The lede from their game report: “In Monday night’s Game 2 at American Airlines Center, the Utah Jazz’s offense constantly kept getting them out of trouble. And their defense constantly put them back in it. As a result, they wasted a prime opportunity to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the best-of-seven first-round series, ultimately falling 110-104. ESPN reporter Tim MacMahon, citing ESPN Stats & Info, noted that ‘the Mavericks made 17 uncontested 3s in the win, the most by any team in the past 10 postseasons.’” The word the writer was looking for was “repeatedly,” not “constantly.” Their paper sucks as much as their team’s defense.

Eric Johnson Gripes About Southwest Airlines. The mayor of Dallas didn’t like the way he was treated yesterday by Southwest. He tweeted: “Traveling back to Dallas from DC Reagan and the @SouthwestAir ticket counter folks are not allowing anyone to even check a bag or receive a boarding pass who isn’t wearing a mask. Never seen power tripping quite like it. Shameful.” While it is true that the carriers yesterday dropped their mask requirements after a federal judge struck down the TSA’s mask mandate, Southwest should have replied to Johnson’s tweet with the classic: “I know you are, but what am I?”

Dallas Hates Trees. Ten months after adopting the Urban Forest Master Plan, the city has basically done nothing to follow through on it. Sharon Grigsby brings us the money quote in the News: “We are very, very concerned and frustrated right now,” said Janette Monear, president and CEO of the nonprofit Texas Trees Foundation, which led the creation of the master plan. “A much better system of accountability needs to be in place.”

Former Cowboy Arrested. Damien Wilson plays linebacker and was signed last month by the Panthers. Also, he was arrested last week in Frisco on an assault charge. His ex-girlfriend describes a man who has problems.


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

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