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Dallas is freaking out ahead of the approaching winter storm
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Dallas Has Winter Storm PTSD. Dallas ISD has already canceled school for Thursday and Friday. A winter storm watch will go into effect this evening. There are worried stories in the DMN about pipe bursts and stranded cars. Southwest Airlines has suspended all flights out of Love Field on Thursday. People are raiding grocery stores. It’s going to get cold, wet, and a little slick, but don’t worry everyone. This won’t be a repeat of last year.

Governor Says Texas Grid Is ‘Ready’ for Storm. The freezing temperatures won’t last as long as last year’s storm, and projections of surging electricity demand aren’t expected to reach the same level as last February, so the state’s electrify grid should hold up. That said, there is still risk of localized outages due to fallen trees and branches.

Dallas Police Prepping Deep Ellum Safety Plan. Violent crime is up in the popular entertainment district, with several recent shootings and stabbings, as well as a fatal hit-and-run accident. Deep Ellum will be added to Chief Eddie Garcia’s list of “hotspots” that receive additional police resources in an attempt to crack down on crime.


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