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FrontBurner Poll: Let’s Name the Bald Eagles at White Rock Lake

‘Nick and Nora’ just ain’t going to cut it, if you ask me.
Photo courtesy Ben Sandifer

A pair of bald eagles nesting near White Rock Lake remains the subject of fascination and news coverage.

It’s important that this fascination be respectful and distanced: Channel 5 notes this week that the parks and recreation department has put up signs about the “sensitive bird nesting area” with warnings that you could be fined $100,000 for messing with these protected birds. Fencing is on the way. (UPDATE: Tim got a picture of the fencing, such as it is. Scroll down to the comments.)

“Locals have named the eagles Nick and Nora,” Channel 5 adds.

Not this local.

In today’s Leading Off newsletter—which all the cool kids in Dallas are already reading—I got some pushback from readers opposed to my suggestion that we use different names for White Rock’s most notable lovebirds. So let’s take it to the poll. What should we name the bald eagles at White Rock Lake?


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