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Dallas Police Release Video of Governor Candidate Allen West’s Wife Being Arrested

West demanded an apology from Dallas’ mayor, police chief, and district attorney after his wife was charged with a DWI in Dallas.
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Over the weekend, Texas Republican candidate for governor Allen West called on Dallas’ mayor, police chief, and district attorney to come to his house and apologize after his wife was arrested Friday by Dallas police and charged with driving while intoxicated. West said his wife had not been drinking, and that his three-month-old grandson—who was in the car—was put “at risk” by police.

“I support the thin blue line, but this is insidious,” West said in a video he shared online.

He’ll have to keep waiting for that apology.

On Monday, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia held a press conference to defend the integrity of the arresting officer and play footage of Angela West’s arrest. You can watch the video below.

Garcia said a breath test taken at the scene was inconclusive, and that police were still waiting on the lab results of a blood draw. But Garcia said there was enough probable cause for an arrest. The police dashcam footage shows Angela West’s car initially parking in the middle of three westbound lanes on what appears to be Northwest Highway when pulled over.

“When we are wrong, we are wrong, and we will hold ourselves accountable,” Garcia said. “But no police chief can sit idly by while his officers get falsely vilified. False representation of my officers cannot go unchecked. They work too hard and sacrifice too much.”

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