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Big Balls Happen Here

Yes, TBS' marketing efforts were successful today.
Photo courtesy TBS

There are two separate but related nuggets I’d like to pass along. First nugget: TBS fires up a new season of Wipeout tonight. For me, the show is a guilty pleasure. (I also have been known to watch Ridiculousness on occasion.) I am entertained by people falling down and by puns. So Wipeout hits my happy button with two thumbs. To publicize the show’s return, TBS yesterday unveiled in the AT&T Discovery District what the network is calling the “‘Big Balls Are Back’ Experiential Activation.” There’s stuff to do. I’m not going to bog down explaining it all. Just know that they erected replicas of the show’s Big Balls and that you can’t jump on them. No one is going to fall down. BUT still. Something big and red and silly is happening downtown from now till Sunday.

Second nugget: the staff of D Magazine has been working from home for more than a year now. In a few weeks, though, we will all be fully vaccinated. We’re starting to talk about returning to our downtown office. My daughter overheard part of that conversation the other day and asked me, “Are you excited?” The question caught me off guard. I had to think for a moment. Then I said, “You know what? I am excited.” I miss seeing my friends and coworkers every day. And I miss downtown. It’s going to be 66 degrees today and sunny. Tomorrow is a holiday, which means today is really Friday. What a great day to walk over for lunch at Jaxon and sit on the patio and have a pint and run into someone I know and watch an “experiential activation,” whatever the hell that is.

We still need to be careful with this fourth wave. But, man, we’re almost there. I can’t wait.

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