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Dak Prescott Is NOT Humbled

As long as people do this, I'll keep correcting them.
By Tim Rogers |

As you probably know, Rayne Dakota Prescott had himself a pretty good little ballgame Sunday against the Lions. He threw for 444 yards and three touchdowns. His past few games have been so good that he’s putting up numbers like Joe Montana’s. When that was brought to his attention after the game, Dak, wearing a damn sharp suit and bow tie, said the comparison was “humbling.”

No. It. Wasn’t.

Now, with this one, we’ve got a problematic sentence construction. Normally I tell folks to say they are honored, not humbled. But Dak said, “It’s humbling anytime you are thrown in with the name Montana.” To keep his construction, he’d have to say, “It’s exalting anytime … ,” and that sounds funny. An article will do the trick. He should have said, “It’s an honor anytime … .”

If Dak really wants to be humbled, he can go out against the Patriots this weekend; throw six interceptions, one of them to Bill Belichick; rush for 80 yards, all on one play and in the wrong direction, scoring for the Patriots; line up in the wrong position and attempt to take a snap from right guard Zack Martin; then go to the sideline and do this. That would be humbling.

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