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Who Approved This Cartoon That Ran in Yesterday’s Star-Telegram?

Come on, man.

Not to get everybody’s feathers ruffled before the weekend starts, but who OK’d this?

The above cartoon depicts Rachel Dolezal, who lied about being black, and Elizabeth Warren, whose recent genetic test revealed an ambiguous connection to Native American ancestry, and weaponizes them against some very important conversations occurring right now. It ran in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Thursday.

Of note: This is not an in-house cartoonist. He’s out of the Augusta Chronicle and part of a network to which papers like the Startlegram can subscribe. A reminder that we are just under six months into a gutting of the editorial staff over there. I called and emailed for comment but have yet to hear back.


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  • downtownworker

    Racism and transphobia: it’s Fort Worth-it.

    • Ed Huff

      MEH–biology is settled science….

  • JamieT

    Lighten up, Francis. Everybody doesn’t live in Oaklakelawnwoodlessler Park.

    • Happy Bennett

      Not everybody can afford to pay $2 million for a 2000 sq ft house built in 1947….

      • JamieT

        Criticism of this cartoon is straight out of the lesson taught us by Winston Smith at the hands of O’Brien.

        How can Winston believe that O’Brien is only holding up four fingers, that a man is not a woman, that Rachel Dolezal is not African-American, that the model for Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” is not Native American, that a dog is not in truth a cat? Does he not love Big Brother sufficiently? How could we ever have allowed such tragic failure to happen?

        Will permanently separating him from his career employment be sufficient for Winston to finally affirm these truths about fingers, men, women, racial identity, dogs, and cats with the necessary tears of joy and gratitude? Or will more stringent measures like jump starting his genitals ultimately be required?

        And the children of the future will shake their heads in dismay and horror at how their grandparents’ obtuseness and intolerance could have so easily and foreseeably led to internecine disasters like Na Trioblóidí finally stalking the streets of their very own American cities.

  • tested123

    I think the cartoon does what editorial cartoons usually do: uses humor to make a point.
    There are quite a few people who find identity politics to be very problematic. This cartoon highlghts those concerns in a humorous way. If you embrace identity politics, this is offensive and uncomfortable and just shouldn’t be allowed. That’s the point Lee Merritt is trying to make and he clearly embraces identity politics. If the cartoon’s objective was to have us discuss this topic, it worked. If the Star-Telegram published it in that context, kudos to them.

  • Paula Minnie Ellis

    The cartoon is blatantly transphobic, and serves only to reinforce the idea that trans women aren’t women. We have an anonymous transwoman (presumably – they aren’t labeled), Rachel Dolezal, whom no one thinks is actually black, Elizabeth Warren, who despite having a native American ancestor in her background is not part of any tribe, and a dog that thinks it’s a cat – a thing that probably doesn’t even exist. All of these are intended to imply that the trans woman’s identity isn’t real or valid.

    It’s fine to make fun of Rachel Dolezal or Elizabeth Warren. They are public figures, it comes with the territory. But making trans women the but of this joke is uncool because of the horrendous discrimination and violence we face.

    • Pic above related.

    • jowgajen

      Thank you. Very well put.

    • blue2golf

      Trans women aren’t women and that’s the point. Your chromosomes determine your gender and surgically modifying your body doesn’t change that.

      You and I agree about the violence, it should be prosecuted and offenders imprisoned. However, forcing the rest of the world to blithely accept transgender behavior as normal is PC fascism, thus the point of the cartoon. (I thought is was apt and funny. Sorry you didn’t.)

      • Paula Minnie Ellis

        You obviously don’t know much about biology. There are people with XXY karyotype, what sex are they? How about someone with X0 karyotype – they have only an X chromosome? In fact there are numerous ambiguous genetic karyotypes that lead to intersex conditions where a person’s biological sex is ambiguous. For example, there are XY people with a condition called CAIS – they are immune to testosterone. So they look completely female externally, right down to having a vulva. Internally, they have testes instead of ovaries. The last such person I met was a rather small woman. Without medical testing, nobody wouldve ever known she even had such a condition. Such testing is NOT routinely performed when children are born.

        As far as “transgender behavior” is concerned, I didn’t pick this. I tried to be what you people said I was for a very long time. It was quite difficult to do. Eventually, I was so miserable that I couldn’t do it anymore. My alternative was suicide.

        I guess that’s still on the table if you folks make the world such that you refuse me the ability to work, buy food, shelter, or receive medical care. But is that the kind of world you want?

        • PeterTx52

          ” There are people with XXY karyotype, what sex are they? How about someone with X0 karyotype – they have only an X chromosome?” and they are an extreme monitor. they are not suffering from a mental problem which is what gender dysphoria is.
          I suggest you read the following article
          “One day she was thrown a lifeline. While surfing the web, she
          discovered a new word: “transgender”. She began reading stories about
          women who felt that their bodies didn’t match who they were inside. It
          had never occurred to Max before that she might really be a boy trapped
          in a girl’s body, but it was a compelling idea. It explained why she
          hated that body and why she felt like she’d never belonged. It gave her a
          ready-made group of friends. And it gave her hope: there was a cure for
          feelings like hers.

          “The longer I thought about it, the more sure
          I was that it was true…It was just so comforting to think that I was
          born wrong. If my body was the problem, it could be solved.” When she
          was 15, Max declared that he was not female and never had been. He and
          all his new friends agreed: “Being trans was very special…Before that,
          I had never felt special, or that my pain mattered.””


          • Paula Minnie Ellis

            Actually intersex people are about as common as people with red hair, and you can’t say “genetics proves there are only males and females” and then ignore all the scientific evidence, and millions of human beings, that give lie to this statement. Such people exist, and waving your arms won’t make them go away!

            As for the article, nobody does anything irrevocable to trans youth until they are 18. I know lots of trans youth. The reasons they, or any other person might detransition are complex, and the bullying trans people receive doesn’t make the matter clear cut at all.

  • OxbowIncedent

    Oh please. Every late night talk show and most editorial cartoons make fun of Trump, conservatives, and Republicans. Every single night and day. One cartoon about liberals and it’s offensive? Lighten up!

    • Bridget Wolfe

      Do you think blackface is just good homie fun? I ask because you’re using the exact same argument for allowing disparaging drawings like this that were used to allow blackface performers and drawings in the past. It’s bigotry plain and simple. And no better than racism.

    • Paula Minnie Ellis

      Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal are fair targets. Have at them. The cartoon implies trans women aren’t real. That’s bullying. We’re a tiny fraction of the population, 0.3%, and have like zero power in society.

      • PeterTx52

        transgenders have a mental condition for which in the vast majority of cases an underlying reason.
        what we are seeing in our schools is called rapid onset gender dysphoria

        • Paula Minnie Ellis

          Bullshit. I know literally hundreds of transgender individuals and know this to be untrue. There is ZERO reputable science to backup your claim that there is some other underlying mental health condition behind gender dysphoria. “ROGD” is not even a thing. The paper putting this idea forward was so bad that the journal that published it retracted it after serious flaws in the paper were revealed.

          If you want to claim “Jesus said no transgenders” (he didn’t actually) there isn’t much I can do to dispute matters of faith. But you can’t claim “science” and then ignore actual science because you don’t like the result.

  • Who approved it? Someone with a sense of humor.

    So, obviously you can eliminate all the leftists.

    • Emily Casalena

      Says one of the clearly republican cunts who throw a fit if someone doesn’t stand for the national anthem lmfao fuck off with that “i’m better and have a sense of humor” shit

      • If comment=humor|leftist

        • Ed Huff

          (Gulag Barbie upvoted herself after criticizing your impure thoughts and politicizing your genitalia, comrade)

        • Terri Castles

          ROFL! God, I love this meme!!!

      • PeterTx52

        ah classic liberal reply that relies on name calling and ad hominem rather than actually argue intelligently against what Phelps said.

      • DubiousBrother

        @[email protected]:disqus – Emily, you do know that it was those “republican cunts” that fought the democrats to end slavery in this country, fought the democrats to give women the right to vote in this country, fought the democrats to pass the Civil Rights Act and will continue to fight for your right to express your opinion and lyfao even if you don’t understand a cartoon.

        • Mavdog

          Wow! That is quite a revisionist [dishonest] history telling. Orwell would be proud.

          BTW, hate to be the one to break the news to you, but the GOP of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan is dead. Deceased. Buried. It is now Trumpian in all its infamy.

          • DubiousBrother

            Sorry comrade, no revisionist history there – I notice you give no specifics. Keep voting for Democrats and maybe we can make Texas like Illinois or California or New York but where will the people fleeing those Democrat run/ruined states flee to?

          • Mavdog

            I’ve experienced your ignoring “specifics”.
            How about the Northern Democrats who supported abolition? How about the Republican’s refusal to include women in the 15th Amendment? How about the Democrat President and Democrat co-sponsor of the Civil Rights Act?
            Your review of history is done with colored glasses that distort the facts to suit your opinions.
            What is not disputable is the death of Reagan’s GOP. RIP Grand Old Party.

          • disqus_qx3X6S5SC7

            Oh my. The revisionist history is breathtaking. You should probably do yourself a favor and read up on the political platforms of both parties throughout history. Pay attention to regional politics, since you mentioned the Civil Rights Act.

  • Mavdog

    You have a point, that cartoon is more along the lines of what one would expect to find in a high school paper.
    But then most high school editors wouldn’t find it clever or funny either.

  • sherwood

    The PC Police in action at D Magazine, the home of thin-skinned liberals

    • Ed Huff

      D mag tolerance–check out the (since deleted) Taliban style hatchet job they did on the Baptist preacher next door for –(gasp)– preaching against the murder of a non Christian.

  • Willie Stark

    The cartoon is funny. The fact that Lee Merritt uses the title “Esquire” is even funnier.

  • As usual, the comments section prove once again that many people are: 1 Racist; 2 Bigoted; 3 Not educated or smart… And proud of it.

  • Willie Earl

    I just stumbled across this researching something else (the history of racism in the Augusta Chronicle). I live near Augusta and we’ve lived with the vile and disgusting garbage this paper had disseminated for decades. Actually, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries it was a perfectly reasonable newspaper, and fought for decency in this state. It fought against the lynchings and for the rights of blacks after Reconstruction crumpled and Jim Crow was taking hold in the South, and it opposed the rise of “populism” (ie. racism) and the Populist Party led by Thomas Watson. It praised the pardon of wrongfully convicted Leo Frank and condemned his lynch an armed mob in Marietta, Georgia. In 1945, however, William S. Morris purchased the paper and changed the entire direction of the paper. It endorsed Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond in the 1948 presidential race, and was a segregationist paper throughout the civil rights era. They’ve had a history of having far right controversial editors, including Phil Kent, who plagiarized another known racist, Pat Buchanan, but managed to only get reassigned and kept on staff since he was their golden boy. Kent, not so ironically was press secretary and public affairs advisor to Strom Thurmond, is president of his own PR snd marketing company, and is executive director of hate group the American Immigration Control Foundation, and on the board of hate group ProEnglish, part of the white nationalist’s John Tanton’s network. Just call him Mr. Obvious. ProEnglish had a nice sitdown with Trump and his white nationalist staff member Stephen Miller. Your instincts were right on suspecting anything from the Chronicle might have racist connotations.

  • lynn

    This is so ridiculous. If you’re this upset or offended than strap in because life is going to be hard on you, you delicate daisy.