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Leading Off (5/16/18)

The 25-year-old who went back to high school, two trans deaths, and Mavs' bummer lottery number.

25-Year-Old Poses as High Schooler to Relive B-Ball Glory Days. Nine months ago, Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley enrolled at Skyline High School as a Hurricane Harvey refugee, later transferred to Hillcrest, and ended up earning an Offensive Player of the Year nod from district basketball coaches—all of which sounds like a pretty decent summer comedy plot until you get to the part where he dates a 14-year-old. He’s charged with tampering with government records.

Two Transgender Women Found Dead Within Three Days. Authorities are still trying to identify the body of a black transgender woman found by a kayaker in White Rock Creek on Saturday. Three days earlier, a 26-year-old transgender woman was found strangled in her North Dallas apartment. The cases are shedding light on the shockingly low life expectancy for transgender women.

Feds Arrest 10 DFW Workers for Meth Distribution. Some were also charged with conspiring to move guns and explosives.

Ground Meat Recall at Preston and Royal Central Market. There could be metal in it if you bought any at that location on Mother’s Day (surprise!).

Mavs Lose the Lottery. The team had the third worst season in the NBA, yet they got the fifth pick in the draft.