It’s Time to Vote on the Cutest Pet in Dallas

Which furry or feathered friend will take the title?

This April, we called on you, dear readers, to send us the very best and most adorable candidates (dogs, birds, snakes, and the like) for D Magazine’s “Cutest Pet in Dallas” competition. You did not disappoint. Over the past few weeks, our inboxes have been filled with unforgettable cuteness. To wit, we’ve seen nearly 600 dogs, 32 cats (poor turnout, fellow cat owners), three donkeys, two pigs and squirrels (squirrels!), a bunny, a kangaroo, and a delightfully named rooster (Roo Paul) that we’ll be talking about probably forever.

It was all very, very serious business of course, in the name of a grueling inter-species battle based on a quality most would deem subjective. But that was just the beginning. Now, it’s time for you to be treated to all the cuteness and Roo Paul, and decide which dog, pig, or marsupial will be crowned “The Cutest Pet in Dallas.”

Here’s how.

Through May 25, vote here as often as you’d like on a series of totally random, furry (or feathered) head-to-head matchups akin to a sort of “Hot or Not” challenge but, you know, not horrible. In addition to the title and endless glory, our winner will be featured in a D Magazine Instagram post, naturally, broadcasting that pet’s endearing charm to more than 128,000 followers. Then, to further solidify the pet’s superior status, he or she will be whisked off for a professional photo shoot with a D Magazine photographer, then featured quite glamorously and tastefully on a full page in an upcoming issue.

So stop what you’re doing. Life and work can wait. It’s time to discover, once and for all, the cutest pet in Dallas.