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Leading Off (4/13/18)

It's Friday, and that's one thing we can mostly be sure of.

Dallas ISD Trying Again for Tax Hike. Superintendent Michael Hinojosa is taking another run at convincing the district’s board of trustees to bring a proposal for a 13-cent tax hike to voters. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the third time in three years Hinojosa has asked trustees to call a tax ratification election. Maybe he’ll have more luck this go-round, but Joyce Foreman and Lew Blackburn, who both voted against the last one, don’t sound like they’re convinced.

Backpage.com Guilty of Human Trafficking. The CEO of the skeevy Dallas-based website also pleaded guilty to money laundering charges, and as part of a plea agreement, was sentenced to five years in a California prison.

Dez Bryant Is Calmer Than You Are, Dude. The night before a meeting with team owner Jerry Jones that could decide whether the mercurial wide receiver will remain with the Dallas Cowboys next season, No. 88 spent a few hours on Twitter, retweeting references to the hit anime Dragonball Z, assailing the media, and insisting that he is perfectly “unbothered” by the considerable amount of talk about his future in the NFL. How unbothered? This unbothered:

Left: Dez Bryant. Right: Haters, the media, probably Eagles fans or similar scrub-like creatures.