Black-Sky Research: Samaras in the path of the 2003 tornado in South Dakota that gave him his breakthrough. Carsten Peter


Here’s a Good Book for Your Summer Reading

The Man Who Caught the Storm, by Brantley Hargrove

Brantley Hargrove is a handsome man. As others have noted, he is “muscled, clean-shaven, with Greco-Romanesque locks.” He looks really good in Carhartt. I imagine he looks really good out of it, too.

Maybe that sounds like I’m objectifying him. Let’s start over.

Brantley Hargrove, the sometime D Magazine contributor and former Dallas Observer writer, will publish his first book this month. It is The Man Who Caught the Storm: The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras (Simon & Schuster). It’s a really good book. Kirkus Reviews wrote: “Brantley Hargrove is a dreamy hunk of a man who really turns our pages, if you get our meaning.”

That’s not true. I made that up. Here’s the Kirkus review. They called the book “enthralling,” and I agree. I’m not a big meteorology freak, and I don’t care about storm chasing. But Brantley had me hooked the whole way. I was especially impressed with how he was able to describe many storms, and lethal tornadoes in particular, without going purple or getting redundant. Kidding aside, Brantley is a great writer.

That’s why we excerpted his book in the April issue of D Magazine. Have yourself a taste, then go for the full meal. He’s delicious. I mean it’s delicious! The book!