Leading Off

Leading Off (2/1/18)

Happy February 1.

John Battaglia To Be Executed Today. 62-year-old Battaglia, who murdered his daughters in 2001 at his Deep Ellum loft, had postponed execution twice for his attorneys to evaluate mental competency, but he was eventually deemed competent. He is scheduled to die at 6 p.m. this evening.

Grand Jury Clears Police in Killing of July 7 Gunman. The criminal investigation of the Dallas cops who killed the July 2016 gunman came to an end yesterday after 18 months. The cops were, unsurprisingly, cleared of wrongdoing.

SWAT Officer and Nurse Save Life During Church Ceremony. A man went into cardiac arrest during an awards ceremony at the Cathedral Guadalupe. Senior Cpl. Darian Loera and registered nurse Magali Reynoso acted quickly: Loera did chest compressions and Reynoso used a defibrillator. After Ron Heflin started breathing again, he was taken to a hospital.