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Dallas Restaurant Apologizes for Cruz-Trump Jr. Photo With ‘Obama Cake’

The owner of Le Bilboquet issues a statement on the weekend's 'distasteful events,' and we conduct a forensic analysis on what appears to be a cookie-cake.

The owner of Le Bilboquet, the Dallas bistro that hosted a birthday party attended by Donald Trump Jr. and Senator Ted Cruz this weekend, has seen the photo posted by the president’s eldest son online. He has also seen the ensuing social media kerfuffle, and he shares “your indignation without any reservation.”

In a statement, Stephan Courseau says he and the staff of his upscale French restaurant feel “betrayed and sad” by the photo, in which Trump Jr. and Cruz bare their teeth and pose with a “cake” emblazoned with a misshapen facsimile of the Shepard Fairey “Hope” portrait of former President Barack Obama. Trump Jr. helpfully tagged Le Bilboquet on Instagram in a series of three photos with the “Obama cake,” an early 40th birthday gift that careful forensic photo analysis reveals is actually some kind of big cookie, perhaps a cookie-cake. (The cookie-cake was brought to the restaurant by another party guest.)

Courseau says the Republican stars were at the private birthday party of a regular patron, not a partisan event. While it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Trump Jr. and Cruz have very little respect for the former president or the parameters of good taste, Courseau says he takes offense at the “fact that guests decided to use our restaurant as a platform to promote, disrespect, and spread hatred…”

Just the hazards of operating a restaurant in an extremely online era of partisan rancor.

Here’s the full statement from Le Bilboquet:

Dear Bilboquet Friends,

This morning a lot of you have been shocked and appalled to hear that Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Cruz celebrated a birthday of a friend at Le Bilboquet with a cake with our former president Barack Obama’s face on it.

Let me be clear, I share your indignation without any reservation.

Both Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Cruz were attending a birthday celebration of one of our regular patrons who rented out our venue for a private event.  The party was not for either one of them nor was it any kind of partisan rally.

Unfortunately, I was not working yesterday and could not intervene in the unfortunate circumstances that unfolded but I believe I owe you an explanation and an apology.

Someone that attended the party brought in an outside cake for Donald Trump Jr.’s upcoming birthday and we are not sure who that was.  Both Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Cruz took pictures with the cake and posted on social media outlets.

We at Le Bilboquet feel betrayed and sad. Restaurant business is about creating a hospitable environment for all, a non-partisan, non-politicized, nondiscriminatory and respectful environment.  The fact that guests decided to use our restaurant as a platform to promote, disrespect, and spread hatred goes against everything we stand for.

On a personal note, I am French and my wife is Mexican. We both believe in universal values of love, respect and tolerance. Values that we have found within the Dallas community. Our friends and patrons represent a wide spectrum of American beliefs including: Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. What brings them together is the same belief that we can live together with love, respect and tolerance. I made America my home a long time ago because of these values that embody the real American dream.

I am truly sorry that such distasteful events happened at our venue and that these circumstances brought me to write this statement today. It reminds us that a divide still exists and that we have to keep promoting our core values, so that events like these don’t happen again. While I am disappointed and hurt, I still think it is possible.

Stephan Courseau

Owner Le Bilboquet Dallas

And here’s Trump Jr.’s original Instagram post.


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  • What exactly is the nature of the “indignation?”

    What is distasteful about an Obama cake/cookie?

    • I hate to say this, but I’m with you, Phelps. I don’t understand what is distasteful about this. We can’t eat cookies with images of past presidents on them?

      • Why do you hate to say it?

      • Lauren C

        A cookie with former President Obama as a monkey is a racist troupe as old as this country. African American’s as monkeys or disfigured goes back further than minstrelsy. They knew exactly what they were doing and anyone with a basic education can identify it because it’s not even dog whistle racism. It’s blantant. The son who’s father pushed the birther movement and has yet to make amends. Disgusting and distasteful. Add classless too.

        • No one but you sees that.

          That says something about you, not us.

          • Lauren C

            Try again. Read comments on other news article. Maybe if you didn’t enjoy your white privilege, you would notice the many times President Obama and First Lady Obama have been portrayed as such. It’s disheartening but it’s the truth.

          • So because you think I am white, my opinion is invalid?

          • Lauren C

            It could also be mansplaining. But if you think a white male is going to tell an African American, “oh pipe down, that’s not racism,” after we watched the Obama family endure it for eight years, especially from Donald J. Trump, you are mistaken.

          • In other words, you believe that the validity of someone’s opinion depends on the color of that person’s skin.

            Guess what that makes you?

          • Lauren C

            No, someone who has studied racism, endured racism and lived in the south is not going to sit here and be lectured by a white male in 2017. Get over yourself. The women’s march happened in January. Women are not going to be silenced just because you think your opinion is worthwhile. I along with many others know when I see another image of President Obama as a monkey being displayed for comedic relief of racists. If you can’t handle that, that’s your problem. Not mine.

          • And I’m not going to sit here and listen to a privileged academic playing legally protected class bingo lecture me on my life. I’m playing American on Hard Mode, and you have all the cheat codes on.

            Silence? We don’t need to silence you. Everyone knows you are useless and has simply stopped listening.

          • Lauren C

            First, I didn’t respond to you or engage you. I responded to Tim Rogers’ comment. You chose to respond to my comment and go back and forth. That’s neither here nor there. Don’t be racist or make excuses for racists because that’s how we end up with the incidents in Charlottesville or the repeat incidents at SMU. That’s my bottom line. Have a lovely day!

          • Is racism also how we end up with incidents like the murder of five cops here in Dallas, along with multiple cops ambush-murders across the country? Is your racism how we ended up with four black people kidnapping and torturing a white teenager in Chicago live on Facebook?

            Motes and beams. You’re worried about me not seeing a racist caricature in a cookie. I’m worried about you encouraging people to murder cops and torture white people.

          • Lauren C

            You should get mental help. A veteran murdered five cops in Dallas. He didn’t do anything based on race.

            Now Dylan Roof definitely went into a church and killed people based on race.

            At no point did I ever encourage anyone to do any such thing. In fact, I blatantly said don’t BE racist or make excuses for racists. Seems you aren’t mature enough to do so. Don’t bother writing me again. You’re an imbecile for even writing that nonsense. Nobody should be encouraging that shit.

          • You are lying about Michah Johnson. He specifically told people he was going out to kill white cops.

            Those are facts. You need to deal with them.

            Emanuel Samson killed one person and shot six more in a church, in retaliation to Dylan Roof. He did it because of the incessant publicity, something that you are continuing.

            Those are facts. You need to deal with them.

            Don’t be racist. Don’t make excuses for racists.

            I’m looking at you.

        • I don’t see that. It’s just a bad icing pic of the prez.

          • Lauren C

            No it’s not. It’s disgusting and vile. And making excuses doesn’t help.

          • C Newman

            That’s silly. Just a bad icing job, relax.

    • jimmy boofoo u 2

      onlu pos crackerracist like u who despise blacks would think so–put a 9 in ir mouth –ur worthless along with all the othe rbigots

  • The_Overdog

    If his restaurant created that lousy of a facsimile of Obama, he should also be apologizing for that.

    • G. David

      “Someone that attended the party brought in an outside cake”. No need to read I suppose..

  • JamieT

    Courseau clearly agrees with a great deal of anxiety that that’s a nice little restaurant he has there and he fully understands what he needs to do to keep it that way: all within the NeverTrump; nothing outside the NeverTrump; nothing against the NeverTrump.

    Anything outside the NeverTrump – other than of course Courseau himself selecting which patrons’ political interests to publicly disparage, a risk one now knows one hazards if choosing to eat at Le Bilboquet – “spread[s] hatred”.

    • Happy Bennett

      Courseau needs to stick with the “guilted” conservative crowd. Liberals won’t eat there unless someone else pays for it, they complain constantly and they won’t tip worth a sou…

  • C’mon, let Obama retire with grace.

    • Mary

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  • Mavdog

    Not too surprising that Trump, Jr. went to Le Bilboquet, there isn’t a Russian restaurant in Dallas for him to go to.

  • brt6735

    So why is Trump Jr. grimacing? Perhaps it’s because his so-called birthday “cake” is really just a big cracker. Seems appropriate.

    A cracker holding a cracker.

    • jimmy boofoo u 2

      the cracker needs a bullet in the head

      • C Newman

        12 hours and counting

  • Happy Bennett

    Nobody would even know about his restaurant if Mr. Courseau hadn’t made an innocent humorous gesture into a prolonged social media rant–which I guess is the point. There a ton of restaurants out there opening and closing all the time. Courseau’s phony “outrage” is a (pardon moi) cheesy stunt.

    • Mavdog

      Clearly there are many who “know about his restaurant”, it was one of 4 Dallas spots included in Open Table’s 100 best restaurants in the country.

      • Happy Bennett

        Liberals have a “sense of humor” deficit.

        • Mavdog

          If your post was an attempt at humor, I know who has the “humor deficit”….

    • JamieT

      The endless three ring clown show that is politically correct Dallas virtue signaling gets picked up on Ann Althouse’s national blog:


      Best comment so far: “He’s not only promoting hatred, and spreading hatred, he’s disrespecting hatred.”

      Althouse picks this item up from Eater Dallas, where we learn that Courseau has since deleted his original Instagram. Mais oui, bien sûr.

      So I’m changing my original thought that Courseau feared that Antifa would throw share bikes through his windows unless he immediately prostrated himself and denounced the Infidel publicly and instead going with yours, that the crocodile-tearing Courseau cunningly seized his fifteen minutes of free Twitter advertising fame, then tried to burn the evidence.

      • Happy Bennett

        One wonders how well French Restaurants prospered in St Petersburg after the Russian Revolution or in Cambodia after Pol Pot. Mir. Courseau has made a political miscalculation, non?

  • Happy Bennett

    Trump jr is doing Le Bilboquet a marketing-promotional favor-by even mentioning the place in conjunction with a local friend’s party innocent birthday party antics. Cruz has a gentle good natured smile as in “I have to put up with a certain amount of silly stuff –it’s part of the job”. Trust the French (Mr. Courseau) to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Tamahqua Tankamochkhanna Hunte

    Why would he have a cookie of Obama’s face for his birthday?? No one finds that odd? Have a picture of your face for your birthday. Was Obama at the party? It just doesn’t make since…its actually quite juvenile. My other question is why are they obsessed with Obama? He is no longer the president and has been out of the white house for over 100 days? Is it because he is a democrat, and they are poking fun at democrats? Okay and so was Bill Clinton..So where’s the cookie of Bill Clinton? This was just dumb…Wow Obama must have really rocked their world for them to still be thinking about him, even after leaving the office…LMBO