Leading Off

Leading Off (6/29/17)

I-35 deck park approved, Attorney General joins voter fraud investigation, and more.

Dallas City Council Supports I-35 Deck Park. Unanimously, actually. At yesterday’s meeting, council members committed $7.1 million in transportation development credits to the deck park in Oak Cliff near the Dallas Zoo. $28 million, which will pay for half the deck’s construction, will be coming from the North Texas Council of Governments. Construction is set to begin later this year.

Attorney General Will Join Voter Fraud Investigation. The Texas Attorney General’s office will join the Dallas County DA’s office as it looks into voter fraud allegations, specifically abuse of absentee ballots. “We have been involved in this investigation for a while. So, we are taking the lead, so to the extent that we are still in charge, we’re still taking the lead and the attorney general’s office will be assisting us in any kind of way that we are in need of that assistance,” said Faith Johnson, Dallas County District Attorney, in what may be the most wordy and uninformative quote ever.

Arlington Teen Fugitive Wanted. Taymor Travon McIntyre, 17, is wanted for murder in Mansfield and for an Arlington robbery. He’d previously been arrested for the murder but was released on house arrest. He then cut off his ankle monitor and ran.

July 7 Memorial Sculpture Coming to Dallas Police Headquarters. Yesterday, the city council approved a permanent police memorial in front of police headquarters. It will honor the DPD officers and DART officer who were killed last July 7 in the downtown shooting. The sculpture will be 10 to 12 feet high and will be constructed by July of next year.

The Morning News Experienced a Server Outage This Morning. Fun times.