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A Few Words for the Passerby Who Saw Me Playing Pokémon Today

Judge not, lest you be judged.

This is a Zubat. Obviously.
This is a Zubat. Obviously.

Today at lunch I walked a few blocks through downtown to pick up a salad and bring it back to my desk. I’ve got some eggs incubating, so naturally I had Pokémon GO up and running. A friend of mine told me she recently drove to a parking lot so she could slowly circle in her car, cooled by the AC, as she racked up some kilometers. I’m not that kind of guy. I’ll do it on foot, thank you very much. Anyway, on the way back to the office, I espied a Zubat that needed catching. So I stopped walking and stepped to the edge of the sidewalk, where I could stay out of people’s way and safely throw my balls. At that point, a woman approaching from behind saw what I was doing and, as she passed me, made a clearly audible noise of disgust. Here is what I would like to say to that woman:

I feel the same way about those damn Zubats! They are everywhere. The only thing worse than a Zubat is a stupid Rattata. I’ve had enough of both of them. But, you know, stardust is stardust, right? And it’s not like you’re going to step out the front door every morning and find a Golbat waiting for you to catch it. So today another Zubat it was, as disgusting as you and I both found it.