Ghosts of Dallas: Titche-Goettinger Building

Step back in time on a corner of St. Paul Street.


“Titche-Goettinger Building,” date unknown.

From the Handbook of Texas: “In 1929 [Titche-Goettinger] completed a new store on St. Paul Street between Main and Elm. This grew to become one of the largest stores in the Southwest. Titche retired that year and turned to an investment business. In the 1950s the downtown store expanded into branch stores in suburban areas, and the store name was shortened to Titche’s. Titche’s eventually sold out to Allied Stores. Allied, which also had purchased Joskeqv’s stores in Texas, changed the name of all Titche’s stores to Joske’s. After being purchased again in 1987, the stores became part of Dillard Department Stores, Incorporated, and were renamed Dillard’s.”

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Original photo: From the collections of the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Photo: Leah Clausen

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  • bmslaw

    Actually, Titche sold out to Hahn Department Stores (which later became Allied Stores) in 1928, before this building was completed. Hahn bought Joske’s in San Antonio at that time, as well. Hahn, and then Allied, continued the operation of these stores under their local names until the consolidation of Titche’s into Joske’s in 1979.