Leading Off 3/30/16

Ken Johnson Had Undisclosed History of Excessive Force. The Farmers Branch police officer who chased down and killed one apparently unarmed teenager and shot another in the head had two excessive force complaints as a DART officer that he did not disclose on his application with the Farmers Branch police. Johnson also had job applications rejected by the Mesquite and Arlington police for reasons that aren’t clear. The family of the boy Johnson killed is also suing him and the city of Farmers Branch.

FBI Says Frisco Hospice Owner Encouraged Nurses to Kill Patients. Brad Harris, the founder of Novus Health Care Services, is accused by the FBI of telling nurses to overdose patients in an effort to maximize profits. It’s complicated, since it he ran a hospice, and no charges have been filed. Harris reportedly sent a text message saying “You need to make this patient go bye-bye.” How would you feel if that patient were a family member of yours?

Elementary Principal Posted Craigslist Ads Seeking Young Males. Oscar Figueroa, the now-former principal at Viridian Elementary in Arlington, is on trial in Sherman, accused of attempting to coerce or entice a minor. (He was caught in a sting.) Prosecutors showed jurors more than 100 pages of Craigslist ads Figueroa posted in the “Casual Encounters” section, using terms like: young, son, teen, kid, and boy. A witness for the prosecution said it shows Figueroa was looking for a minor. A witness for the defense said he was just using words common in the gay community.

Granbury Man Begged for Life Before Officer Killed Him. Daniel Shaver was recorded saying, “Please don’t shoot me” and “Please don’t shoot” before Mesa, Arizona police officer Philip “Mitch” Brailsford unloaded his service weapon. Shaver was unarmed. Brailsford has been charged with second-degree murder.

Local Man’s Son Endorsed by Former Rival. Wisconsin governor and former presidential candidate Scott Walker endorsed Ted Cruz ahead of that state’s upcoming primary. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s campaign manager was charged with battery on a reporter in Florida.