Barrett Brown Gives D Magazine the Middle Finger, Leaves FrontBurner for More Fertile Greenwald Grounds


Oh, I kid. The headline here is really a joke. Let me explain. If an explanation is possible.

I wrote a story about Barrett that helped my career. (Or got me a mention on Capital New York, along with a pic of me wearing a white top hat. Same thing? No?) Barrett and I are — fair term? — friends? Anyway, he has written for some months for FrontBurner about his life behind bars. He has done so for very little compensation. Now that changes. Glenn Greenwald has agreed to pay Barrett more than we ever could to write about his incarcerated life for Greenwald’s Intercept. Here’s all you need to know.

My only comfort — and yours — is a cold one. Barrett will eventually find his way out from behind bars. But he’ll still be stuck in Dallas, due to the terms of his parole. Needing to make rent, he will hopefully see our pages as his playground. Till then, parting is such sweet sorrow.


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  • BrentDude

    He’s on the 360 year plan for restitution?

    • soniclife

      Haha! Good point, though. How DOES that work?

  • Red Riotdog

    I suspect he had been drinking too much hooch and that was why Greenwald got the nod.

    • Posi X. Mosh

      Booze isn’t Barrett’s thing… Though he did get sent to the SHU for it… Err….uh :-/

  • aseparatepiece

    Wow. This should be interesting. I hope BB can keep his nose clean for the remainder of his term and get out early.

    That GG is certainly a good person to have behind you when the chips are down. He is loyal like a dog.

  • Solange Soleil

    Thank you for helping Barrett on to D Magazine. The posts have been wonderfully insightful and funny as well. It sounds like Barrett lost his email use because he was emailing with Glenn G. It will be interesting to see how things pan out. Will they ban him from having a pencil? Paper? Or what?

  • doubt he’ll ever be let out .. the fbi has a deep grudge

  • RobertMStahl

    Sorry to hear, but truly, predictable. Ever read the truth about how Greenwad, facts only, in regard to relationships he squandered with Tarzie, Chris Floyd, or Arthur Silber (the late A.S.?) and, where GG is about the biggest jerk on the planet lest Omidyar be about as innocent…? Life is NOT a projection, not a command where you decide what catastrophes are censored; that is, which matter and which don’t, or about what liberal is NOT, and, that where one dips into the trough does matter.

    • RAB

      Can someone please translate this for me?