Mayor Mike Rawlings Sides With D Magazine in All Debates

We're all on the same team now!

Over the weekend, I received a campaign mailer from Mayor Mike Rawlings. First sentence:

As your Mayor for the past three and a half years, I’m humbled to lead what I believe is one of the great cities in America.

Oh, boy. Most long-suffering FrontBurnervians have already spotted my first problem with this letter. The mayor has misused the word “humbled.” I’ve hit this topic many times before on this blog. If the man is leading what he believes is one of the great cities in America, I don’t know why he’d experience humility. If Marcos Ronquillo were to trounce him in the election, then he’d be humbled. Til then, let’s go ahead and say he’s proud to lead Dallas.

But the following sentence in the mailer really made me snap to attention:

Working together with the various communities that weave together to create the tapestry of our city, we’re making Dallas even better.

The phrase in italics was written that way in the letter. I did not add it. It caught my eye because that is D Magazine’s slogan. We’ve been printing it on every cover since October 2012 (and using it internally as a mission statement long before that). So we were clearly the first ones to start making Dallas even better and to establish what making Dallas even better actually means. It means tearing down I-345 and rebuilding it as a boulevard. It means rerouting I-30, getting it out of East Dallas. It means no Trinity toll road. Now that the mayor has decided to join us in making Dallas even better, we welcome him warmly. Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!


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  • RAB

    It’s “till.”

  • Eric Celeste

    It means tearing down I-345 and rebuilding it as FOUR boulevards. It means rerouting I-30, getting it out of SOUTH and East Dallas. Get on message, Rogers.

  • RAB

    There are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, and RAB’s being right.

  • Eric Celeste
  • RAB
  • BrentDude

    One or two more keytaps and you’d have save lots of electrons.

  • Ted Benavides

    I’d say he has been quite humbled by being Mayor:

    Horse park
    Trying to kill Uber
    Hiring AC
    Paying AC $400K
    Flow control
    Trinity East
    Falling median income
    Home rule charter

  • Ted

    Am I correct that D Magazine also tried to trademark the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum surrounding its signature white D?

    Regardless, this is why I remain as invested in Dallas politics as I do, because of the inevitable showdown at high noon with Garner.

  • downtownD

    Didn’t the magazine use “Making Dallas better” from Oct. ’12 to Jan. 13 as its slogan?

  • Jack Jett

    Are you humbled?