Things To Do In Dallas: Aug. 27

Two new bars—one in the Arts District and one in Deep Ellum; The Marked Men return to RGRS.

I did my best to get around last night, with stops at two different soft openings, plus a quick visit to the One Republic show that I mentioned yesterday. Some attempts were more successful than others.

The Marked Men. Courtesy of the band.
The Marked Men. Courtesy of the band.

The first leg of the nightlife journey led to Proof + Pantry, which officially opens today at the eastern-most end of the Arts District. Specifically, it’s in that profitably treacherous little spot known as One Arts Plaza. I look forward to return visits; it seems like the closest legitimate bar to our building, so it should have a built-in audience. I ordered a smoothie-like drink that they call “I’m Rich,” and the little carafe that came with it reminded me of the generous pours served in a similar manner at Chicago’s famed cocktail bar, The Violet Hour. That’s fresh on the mind, as I was just there last month. That’s good company in which to be. Maybe I’ll actually eat on a return visit.

I also stopped by the brand new record store in Deep Ellum that also happens to be equipped with a bar, Off The Record. That sounds like a terrible place for journalists to hang out, but there were plenty of them there, of course. The bar’s patio connects to Club Dada so it should likely prove a nice respite for when some band is completely bombing over there. The vinyl is provided courtesy of Good Records, and their head-man-in-charge Chris Penn did an excellent job as DJ there last night playing lots of smooth 70s hits that would not be out of place on 88.5 Mesquite Schools Radio.

I fully encourage you to try both of these new places, now that they are officially open.

The Marked Men have been an on-and-off staple of Denton’s melodic punk scene since 2002 and they’ll be making an appearance at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios tonight. That should have a strong turnout, even for a Wednesday.

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