Leading Off (8/7/14)

Josh Brent Set To Meet With Roger Goodell. Guess who is not rooting for Brent to make an NFL comeback and is currently writing this Leading Off item? I mean, I hope he gets on with his life and stays (or gets, if you’re cynical) clean and sober. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s square job time for him.

A.C. Gonzalez Finally Makes A Few Changes. Not everyone on the City Council is super-happy about what he’s doing so far, but they did sign off on his new hires, which he made without firing anyone. That seems hard to do, but what do I know? I don’t make $400,000 or have a perm.

Arlington Flasher Has Really Corny Sense of Humor. “Caroline Oldham was walking her dogs along Shady Oak Trail in Mansfield the morning of July 4 when a red Dodge Neon pulled alongside her. The driver asked her where Johnson Street was. That’s when she noticed the man was completely naked, except for a baseball cap.”

I SEE YOU IN A DOCUMENTARY, BIG GERMAN. It’s called, uh, let’s see, Nowitzki: Der Perfekte Wurf. Oh, and it’s German. You may have guessed that already.

TollTags Turn 25. Congratulations on making it easier to get bilked out of money for the past 25 years, TollTags!

And Finally: Meet An American Hero. I know this story about a man buying 23 Burger King pies to spite a cruddy kid and his mom isn’t local, but attention needs to be paid. I hope it’s true. It’s so good I almost don’t care. Just knowing it could happen is almost enough.


  • TheGuy

    Brent and Nowitzki’s names should not be seen together in the same article, even if they are separate stories. Something about what happens when matter collides with anti-matter….