Casting Call for New Dallas-Based Reality Show: $30,000 Millionaires

A can't-miss idea.


Remember Jay Gormley, the one-time reporter for Channel 11? Remember his movie idea, $30,000 Millionaires, a comedy about “five vacuous Dallas bachelors striving to maintain upscale lifestyles via maxed-out credit cards”? It looks like it will become a reality [pause] show on television. The producers of Jersey Shore, The Osbournes, and Punk’d are planning to shoot the show in Dallas. From the casting call:

We are in search of Dallasites making less than $40k a year who are clever, creative, and resourceful enough to live like rock stars on a shoestring budget for an all new television series! Despite the bad economy, you have a pimpin’ ride, you’re dressed to the nines, and can make it on the guest list at the hottest clubs in town. How do you do it? Show the rest of the world how to “fake it until you make it!”

I think former city councilman Dave Neumann should apply. Show ’em how he used his old city-issued parking pass to park for free all over town! Show ’em how he duped the Police and Fire Pension System to give him a $5,000-per-month contract to do nothing! I’d watch.


  • sooieeehog

    Dave Neumann certainly qualifies in spirit, but that $5K/month stipend from the pension fund puts him over the $40K/year, no? Or is that over?

    • TheSlowPath

      He only got it for a couple of months, so he’s cool. Put him in.

  • Margaux

    I bet they’ll find a lot of eligible lads at SISU…

  • SamMerten

    All I ever needed to know about $30k millionaires:

    • DelkusSleeves

      That story is the first thing I thought of when I heard the news

  • Chris Chris

    This is totally up my alley, bro!

  • Katie Dancer

    Are there any hot clubs in Dallas?

  • Cole Daugherty

    Yes! Casting flyers should rain like confetti all over Uptown and Henderson and a few downtown clubs. Congrats to Jay and John Venable.

  • Andrew Taylor

    I concur, Cole…five lucky Princes of Uptown are about to get their big break.
    Congratulations, JV & JG!

  • danielle

    Uptown is full of them. Probably a few I’ve dated claiming they have this and that and can’t afford their own pad. hahaha I love Dallas!

  • New to Dallas…

    Andrew and Cole are right. Can you check out the princesses in Uptown/Henderson as well?? I’m telling you, the young women are completely, UNBELIEVABLY $30,000 millionaires. I’m not talking about ones that came from riches. The thoughts they have and perspective on men….also completely qualify them as entertainment galore.

  • Patrick Curley

    Ask Nik Ritchie to cast it

  • Patrick Curley

    Ask Nik Ritchie