Marion Barber Arrested for ‘Mental Detention and Observation’

Oh no.

I’ve never heard of “mental detention,” but an alert FrontBurnervian points us to this TMZ report that Marion Barber, the former Cowboys running back, was arrested for reasons that are as yet unclear.


  • TheGuy

    First Sam Hurd, now Marion Barber. Should be a lesson to all current Cowboy players. DO NOT jump ship and go to the Bears. Bad career move.

    Seriously, best wishes to Marion, who simply played his guts out for the team while he was here. Get well soon.

    • jeff

      Barber played his guts out for us until he signed a big contract, at which point he started running like my grandmother and looking for the sideline at every opportunity.

  • skogs

    That never happened and it’s easy to poke a guy when he is down. Grow up Jeff and get real. MBiii ran harder than anyone in the NFL during his career.