Go See Rod Davis This Thursday at Louie’s

A former D Magazine staffer has a new book.

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Rod Davis, for those who don’t know, has done two tours of duty at D Magazine. His last cover story for us, about the drought draining North Texas lakes, came in 2006. Now he’s the director of the Veterans Support Office for the Texas A&M University System. And he’s a novelist. On Thursday, he’ll be signing copies of his new book, South, America (yes, there’s a comma in the title), at Louie’s. Here’s Gary Jacobson’s review in the News. Signing starts at 6, but if I know Rod, he’ll be there earlier.


  • Rod

    Muchas gracias, Tim. If you can be pried away from The Old Monk, hope you and your posse can drop in. Bring a lot of money, not necessarily for books. I will be putting the tab in your name. Or possibly Wick’s.

    • Tim Rogers

      I’m about 20 pages in, Rod, and enjoying it. I’ll make every effort to be there Thursday.

    • Eric Celeste

      You’re up against the Katy Trail 5k, so the gf won’t be there, but I will, Roderick.

  • Jim Schermbeck

    Once again, I’m self-servingly lobbying for Mr. Davis’ piece on the Midlothian cement kilns (May 1993) to be included in your “Best of” retrospective. It was the first in-depth coverage of the impact of these facilities on DFW air at a time when we were still arguing with state and local officials that in fact, they HAD an impact. It gave every other media outlet in town, including (then) all three dailies permission to cover them in much more sophisticated way. It signaled the beginning of a new media narrative hard to imagine today – that the kilns weren’t way out there in rural Ellis County, but much closer, and much bigger problem than officialdom was saying. Although they remain the largest single sources of air pollution in N. Texas, pollution from these plants have plummeted from what they were in the early 1990’s. I really do believe Rod and D deserve more than a little credit for that by changing the lens of how the area’s residents saw these facilities.