Dallas Will Totally Get the GOP Convention

Let's party!

Ray Washburne taunts Vegas. Photo by me

I have a friend who knows a thing or two about a thing or two. He runs in the right circles and has lots of hair. He’s also sourced up with the aborted Vegas effort to land the 2016 Republican convention. This morning he sends word: “It appears a nearly done deal now that Dallas will get the convention. Vegas had it nearly locked up, but Dallas entered a bidding war and appears willing to effectively spend anything it needs to get the convention.” All of which gives me an excuse to post my favorite photo of Ray Washburne, the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. Thank you, Ray!


  • TheSlowPath

    Nothing like spending 25 million to get an extra 1 million in tax revenues.

    • Tim Rogers

      Don’t be mistaken. The city will spend some money to make this happen. But that’s mostly private money in the bidding war. And those folks aren’t writing checks to generate tax revenue.

  • Eric Foster

    Private money that ends up on a tax deduction.
    Private money that buys them entrance to every VIP and gala at the convention.
    Private money that gets them an audience with the nominees.

    • Tim Rogers

      Now you’re talking!

  • isntthatspecial

    Why not Fort Worth? That’s a more suitable fit.

  • Nancy Nichols

    I am putting that picture on my wall.

  • Harley Crimson

    Such great news for male hookers. And every D Dancer in town is going to have a hefty hammock.