Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 17

Many of you are on the eve of a three-day weekend, and I can feel the early departure anticipation from here. It’s been an unusually healthy week for concerts, and that seems appropriate since film and art have been hogging the spotlight for the past two weeks.

Robert Smithson in 1970. Image courtesy of the DMA.
Robert Smithson in 1970. Image courtesy of the DMA.

But before we get to the music, I should mention at least one ongoing museum event. Somehow lost in the buildup to the Arts Week hype was the Robert Smithson show at the DMA. The exhibition addresses Smithson’s unfinished work in the Lone Star State, though perhaps it’s understandable that much of it was never realized, considering the intimidating scope. The event fondly reminded me of Smithson’s iconic Spiral Jetty topping Frances Bagley’s “favorite earthworks” list, from the early days of FrontRow. The show closes on April, 27, so hurry.

Hats off to you if you’re one of the lucky ducks who get to see Neil Young tonight. The tickets start at a cool hundred bucks, but he’s one of the few living artists who I would wholeheartedly say justifies the ticket price. Plus, it’s a stripped-down acoustic performance, so there’s little chance he’s going to pull some high concept stage play, which can occasionally drive some of his longtime admirers crazy.

If you make it to the Neil Young show a bit early, you’ll have time to catch a performance completely free of charge, as the AT&T patio sessions will be underway starting at 5:30. Tonight’s act is Holt and Stockslager, a local duo who will be playing Simon and Garfunkel songs exclusively.Basically the Arts District will be a baby boomer’s dream for the duration of this evening.

Finally, if you’re a bit younger, but still feeling somewhat nostalgic, Health will be performing at Three Links tonight. The group was a favorite on college campuses circa 2006, but they have now become a widely respected live act, often appearing on big festival bills. You’ll have to RSVP here for the incredibly cheap tickets.

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