Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 1

A new voice for Things to Do and a diverse selection of events.

Hello, Dallas, I’m Christopher Mosley, and this is my first-ever Things to Do post. I’m honored to be taking over the online arts editor duties for Liz Johnstone, who is now managing editor of the print product, and a big congrats to her. You may know my work from FrontRow where I mostly tell you about music happenings. I will now be tackling a wider variety of entertainment options. Today’s list is a great reminder of just how diverse said options in North Texas can be, as we have Conan O’Brien, a modern art lecture, sports, and a trashy b-movie.

Mr. O'Brien.
Mr. O’Brien.

First off, I’ll fully admit to being a bit jealous if you were one of the lucky ones to score tickets to Conan O’Brien’s week-long stand at the Majestic. Though his opening monologue was full of Dallas clichés, he is the one late night host with the necessary charm to pull them off. Tonight’s guests are Seth Rogen and American Idol-winner Phillip Phillips.

The Fort Worth Modern is hosting its always well-attended Tuesday evening lecture series and Matthew Buckingham is speaking this evening. The New York-based multimedia artist uses a variety of approaches often focusing on the broad themes of memory, whether it be icons of public consciousness (such as a dilapidated Mount Rushmore), or slightly more personal remembrances. Buckingham will explore his various processes, which include everything from video to photography to an “electrified chandelier.” I suggest braving the fierce Fort Worth traffic early if you can. Seating is limited, but you can watch a broadcast of the event from Café Modern, which I highly recommend.

Next up, the Dallas Mavericks only have three home games left, and so each one really counts. Tonight’s opponent is Golden State, and the Mavs have very good reason to take the Warriors seriously, lest anyone forget the historical thrashing they gave us in 2007. I obviously haven’t forgotten. Tip-off is at 7:30 this evening.

Finally, the Texas Theatre is will feature an admittedly terrible film as part of its “Tuesday Night Trash” series. The jewel this time around is 1980’s Alien Contamination, which has something to do with an astronaut and a coffee plantation’s alien infestation. Go at your own risk, however the price is right—it’s free. Consider either a contrastingly classy dinner at Mesa first or a drink at The Pavilion afterward, to forget what you just saw.

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