Leading Off (4/14/14)

The Aftermath of the West Explosion, Jordan Spieth Finishes Second, Margaret Crow Passes Away and John Wiley Price Still Under Investigation.

One Year Later, Full Scope of Injuries From West Explosion Remain Unknown. The Dallas Morning News reports that the official government survey doesn’t account for people who were treated at private medical facilities as well as those whose injuries (brain injuries, hearing loss, PTSD) developed after the blast. Now, as safety regulations are up for discussion, and lawsuits are working their way through the system, the county is working to conduct a more comprehensive study.

Jordan Spieth Finishes Second at Masters. The 20-year-old from North Texas gave Bubba Watson a solid run for the green jacket but ultimately fell just short, finishing second in Augusta. He would have been the youngest person to ever win the Masters. From a quick Google search (my golf knowledge is not up to par), it looks like should Spieth win next year, he’ll share that record with Tiger Woods.

John Wiley Price Still Under Investigation, Still No Charges Filed. But the DMN is reporting that court documents in the federal investigation show decades of incidents and suspect dealings, stretching all the way back to the mid-1970s. Price is being accused of, among other things, money laundering, influence-peddling, and bankruptcy fraud.

Margaret Crow Dies at 94. The wife of real estate developer Trammell Crow, Margaret Crow was a philanthropist and, as Jeanne Prejean writes, had the kind of life story that makes for great movies. The Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art opened in 1998 in the Arts District. She passed away Friday at her home.


  • Seven

    The Stars are in the playoffs for the first time in a long time!

  • Dubious Brother

    20 year old Jordan Spieth will receive $792,000 for his second place finish at the Masters. He was disappointed in his finish which leaves me feeling we will be seeing a lot more of him over the next 20 years. How many other golfers, let alone 20 year olds, have ever come that close?

    • Avid Reader

      I believe there have been at least 78 other golfers to have finished second or tied for second at the Masters; so at least 78 other golfers and probably more through ties have come that close.

  • BrentDude

    Technically, Jordan Spieth turns 21 in the summer. Tiger Woods turned 21 in December, so TW would still hold the record by 5-6 months if JS wins next year.