Leading Off (4/1/14)

Today is Tuesday. Have a blessed day.

Conan O'Brien

Dirk Nowitzky Is the Best Thing About Day 1 of Conan O’Brien. I might be saying this because Dirk and I have a special relationship. But I don’t think so. Anyway, the video of his appearance ain’t extant yet, y’all. Satisfy your eyes with Conan’s monloque from last night, which featured Conan wearing Big Tex’s boots.

Huge New Building in Victory Park To Be Huge, in Victory Park. Not sure what I think about the conceptal model of this new 470,00-square-foot building in Victory Park. Mark Lamster knows what I think, though.

Study Finds Elevated Rate of Cancer in Flower Mound. This is the most confusing story ever. It refers to a UTA professor as being the author of the study, which was published in the Virginia Environmental Law Journal, whatever that is. The professor is quotings says “We really don’t have enough information to dismiss people’s concerns,” which doesn’t seem like the same thing as say, “We have information that should concern people.” And it appears — again, if I’m following the story — that the UTA professor’s study is based on “reanalysis” of data conducted by a woman who used to be a former research professor from the University of Montana. Montana? Used to be? And then there’s this caveat in the story about the UTA professor: she “has a law degree and is not a scientist or statistician.” Kickass.


  • Bobby

    What happened to the fourth item in Leading Off this morning? I was up early and read it shortly after it was posted. Honestly, I was a little shocked and wondered how that got through the filter. Then I checked back a few minutes later, and it was gone.

  • Bobby

    What happened to the fourth item? I read this post a few minutes after it went up and I was shocked that someone let that through. Then, about 10 minutes later, the fourth item disappeared. Thought better of it?

  • Watchful eye

    Saw it too. A sex joke is one thing. But that crossed the line. As they say, too soon.

  • Offended in Prosper

    Nice work, D Magazine! Really klassy!

  • Spell Check

    Anyone care to share w the rest of us what was deleted? From the sloppiness of this post — “Nowitsky”? — I wonder if Mr. Rogers needs to have his password revoked.

  • Juan Derful

    Sex joke? Where I come from, that was straight-up racism. Tim Rogers owes everyone an apology.

  • The Grammar Belle

    Tim, maybe you and I are different, but when I have a “special relationship” with someone, I know how to spell his name.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    like Orwell’s 1984 it went down the memory hole. and I found out about it via TR’s apology on FB
    now if only someone did a screencap

  • Peter Kurilecz

    good questions about the flower mound study. the folks over at the DMN are all gaga over it. glad there is at least one skeptical journalist in town

  • David Burrows

    I suppose it is a ‘bold new look’ .. for an accounting firm.

  • Glass House

    Nice job on the DMN article, but I believe UT-Austin is not the same as UTA. And the professor is “quotings”? Coupled with the apparently offensive deleted post, my guess is Celeste hacked Tim’s account.

  • Sara


    I am curious why you have made no mention of the vacant editorial position at Texas Monthly. You are usually quick to report on media news.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    I understand that the new building in Victory Park isn’t the best thing ever…. but, look at all the other large commercial buildings constructed in Dallas over the last few years. Aren’t all of them basically total crap?

    In a world where the general architectural grade of commercial structures is a D or an F, shouldn’t the architect who manages to get a C be encouraged?

    Can anyone here cite a building of over 100,000 square feet constructed in Dallas within the last 10 years that would be a credit to the City or its residents?

  • Eric Celeste

    Yeah, TIM. What are you hiding?

  • Jim Schermbeck

    Re: UT Journal Article. You’re right. It’s a new (81 page/600 footnotes) analysis, not a new study. This was our take at the DMN site: “This article is much more than a rebuke of the Flower Mound conclusions. It’s a blow-by-blow critique of every gas industry-generated air pollution incident of note in the Barnett Shale over the last ten years in the name of giving local city and county governments more control over gas industry air pollution regulation, including the ability to impose off-sets, as was recently officially recommended to the Dallas City Council by the Planning Commission.” If you want to read how local activists see it, and get a link to the original article, please visit: http://www.downwindersatrisk.org/2014/03/a-barnett-shale-manifesto-from-austin/

  • Southern Belle

    I do declare. On the first day of this glorious month, which I do believe the people call “April Fool’s,” what do I see but a horrendous innuendo of an innuendo that one Mr. Rogers has allegedly posted both a sexist and racist fourth item on Leading Off.

    I do declare a second time that Mr. Rogers has also committed no less than three spellings errors in the remaining three items. I will not declare again unless a gentleman or lady can produce said sexist, racist item in question. It would be unladylike to suggest this is all a ruse, but a wily poppin’ jay out on the town with like brethren might think it fun to rile the folk over something than never really existed. I waive my fan for comfort from the scoa-chin’ heat, but also to shoo away one digital Yeti these “gentlemen” concocted last night in a drunken, foolish recital of bad manners. Good day.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Was a bit “startled” by the 4th item that was originally included in the Leading Off post this morning.

  • Tim Rogers

    Southern Belle, I approved your comment because it was crafted so well. Yes, yes. April Fool’s. Hey, I had to try, right? Or at least TRY to try.

    There was never a fourth item. And all the typos and so forth were intentional, meant to suggest BWI (blogging while intoxicated).

    Having pulled such pranks in years past, I will tell you that they are much harder to execute in the age of social media.

  • BighairDallas

    Censorship = not good, the end of times