All Clichés Are Bigger in Texas Award Nominee: Starting a Business Edition

Forbes resorts to stereotypical imagery to represent Dallas' business environment.

Nothing says "cutting-edge business environment" like the inside of a western wear store.   (Photo: Bachir/Flickr)
Nothing says “cutting-edge business environment” like the inside of a western wear store. (Photo: Bachir/Flickr)

So Forbes recently ranked Dallas as one of the best markets in the country for starting a business. The seventh-best, to be exact. Said they of our fair city:

The northern Texas city gets consistently good marks across all categories. Its small businesses, while not as well-liked as others on our list, are likely to fall in high-growth industries and adopt social media. With nearly half of its businesses employing less than 50 people, Dallas also boasts a relatively large small business community.

That’s all good and fine. But we’re here to discuss their choice of photo in representing Dallas as a vibrant home to entrepreneurship: A row of western boots.

Let’s see how this compares to the art used for the remainder of the top 12:

  1. San Diego: an image of the city’s fun and funky downtown.
  2. Denver: a parkour enthusiast leaping among the city’s skyscrapers.
  3. Austin: a speaker holding forth at SXSW Interactive.
  4. Seattle: a view of Puget Sound from the city’s famed Public Market.
  5. Portland: a pretty, waifish girl bike shopping.
  6. San Francisco: the city’s gorgeous skyline and view of the bay.
  7. Dallas: Boots
  8. Boston: Rows of tightly-packed housing
  9. New York: A hipster-run taco joint.
  10. Chicago: a cool-cat advertising agency
  11. Las Vegas: A vomitous mass of American iconography consumed and regurgitated back onto the Strip.
  12. San Jose: A young nonprofit founder mentoring other young attractive entrepreneurs.

Judging purely on the photos, then, where do you want to start a business? I think we only top Boston, maybe.


  • Buford Cluckers

    Oh iStock and your massive collection of mediocre at best artwork. How I love you.

  • jbarn

    I fear that no matter how hard we try to make Dallas a hip, trendy, progressive place, and shed our cowboy, backwards, conservative image, it will do no good as long as we continue to vote in the types of people that run this state. How can you be viewed by outsiders as being somewhat of a progressive place when you have the likes of Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, et al, and soon to be Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott, running your state and supposedly speaking for and on behalf of the majority of people in this state. I believe that until we start voting in folks who more truly represent the diversity of this state then will continue to have this cowboy, backwards image. inuvinue

  • Ted

    I agree with jbarn. As long as Dallas continues to be located in Texas, we’re just going to keep getting this kind of thing.