• Dubious Brother

    In 1963 they were showing a French movie, Sundays and Cybele, which won the Academy Award for best Foreign Film – probably cost a quarter but maybe less. What is showing today and for how much?

  • jasonheid

    Today they’re showing “Nut Job,” “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” and “That Awkward Moment.” None of which will be up for an Academy Award.

    A matinee costs $8.00. A regular adult ticket will run you $11.75.

  • Jackson

    The two photographs are not exactly “then and now.” The building to the right of the theater in the modern photo doesn’t show an open-air balcony, yet it has had one since the Marquee Grill. The current Toko V in that space also has it.

  • jasonheid

    The “after” photo was shot within the last week, as the films mentioned on the theater’s marquee attest.

    So, maybe you haven’t been by the Village recently?

  • Jackson

    “It would seem so,” sez the 8-ball!


    hahah true.
    photo taken literally 3 days ago.

  • Twinkletoes

    Why is there a ballerina on the balcony next to the theater in the ’63 shot?

  • Pamela Edwards

    Still one of the best!

  • ally

    Hi Jason, Do you know where I can find the photo of the village theatre/where I can buy the print?