• Marcus

    Just the tip jokes after the blatantly poor journalism effort this morning, I’m done with this blog forever.

    • heels

      great, go drive fast.

  • Anonymous
  • I am Spartacus

    Marcus, as you clearly do not understand the point of this blog, you will not be missed. Of course, since you are done with the blog, you’ll miss this comment, but I feel better for typing it.

    • Marcus

      Maybe I should have put a winky on my post for you to note the over the top sarcasm.

  • NYC guest

    I just have to say, I thought everything in Texas was bigger. Only an inch?!

  • Daniel

    Plus the 2″ shaft, so that makes 3″. Still small, you say? Well. We compensate for it with big pickup trucks, gun ownership, and fake-tough-guy Libertarian viewpoints. So there.

  • Margaret Hunt Hill

    Delightful headline. Reminds one of the classic bawdiness of Aristophanes.

  • Daniel

    The “winky” is at the top of the page.