Channel 8 Lauded For Letting Alexa Conomos Bring Her Kid to Work

Weather-related closure put working mom in a bind

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Channel 8 traffic reporter Alexa Conomos brought her daughter to work on Thursday morning because her daycare was closed. As I type this, more than 5,800 people have liked a video clip on Channel 8’s Facebook page that shows Conomos with the girl on her hip.

As you might expect, Conomos is also getting all kinds of virtual high-fives on Twitter, including one from this lovely-named gentleman:


  • GoodMommy

    Can you say “publicity stunt” more than likely thought up by the attention-hungry newscaster? There wasn’t a family member who could take her or a station staff member to watch her? We need to quit rewarding unprofessional attention-seeking behavior covered up as “look what an amazing but sooooo overwhelmed Mommy I am.”

  • Eva Onshui

    I love this and I love Alexa!! I think this is so cute and makes her look like a real working mother that so many of us are today. I feel very connected with Alexa now and this is one of the many reasons I love her! Baby is beautiful. 🙂

  • Bill Marvel

    And is it a “publicity stunt,”Mommy, when ordinary parents find daycare closed and nobody to take the kids for a day,and so take them to work? Or does this only apply to news anchors?