More Evidence That Steve Blow Is Horrible at His Job

Maybe this is why

Steve Blow and I like to party.

Today’s column from Steve Blow just might lead me to cancel my subscription. It is insultingly idiotic. He’s writing about the Southwest plane that landed at the wrong airport. Blow says we shouldn’t go so hard on the pilots:

It’s pretty easy to poke fun at the Southwest Airlines pilots who managed to land at the wrong airport in Missouri on Sunday evening. …

But rather than ridicule the Southwest pilots, I find myself with a soft spot in my heart for them. Haven’t we all had a bad day at the office? I sure have.

Blow goes on to give some other examples of people having a bad day at the office: Rick Perry’s “oops” moment, Jose Canseco bouncing a fly ball off his head, Leon Lett falling on a ball he should have avoided, Cynthia Izaguirre calling a guy gay when she meant to say blind. Then Blow relates his own worst day at the office. He once wrote a story praising a lady for her hard work running a halfway house — and then it was revealed that she ran a drug-smuggling operation.

Is he serious? Blow has to be trolling people, right? If he’s not trolling people, this column is a fireable offense.

I called a pilot I know to make sure my reaction to this column wasn’t off-base. He doesn’t fly commercially. He’s a pilot for a corporation, flies the executives all over the world. He’s also very handsome, and, once upon a time, he wasn’t a bad defensive soccer player. But that is beside the point. My point is, the runway those Southwest pilots put down on was about half the length of a normal runway for a plane that big. If they’d been heavier, the plane could have rolled off the runway, down an embankment, and onto a highway. In other words, people could have been killed.

Yes, we’ve all had a bad day at the office. But letting a fly ball bounce off your head is not comparable to landing at the wrong airport. Blow’s equating the two events shows a dangerous lack of critical thought. Nor is compromising the safety of a planeload of people kinda like misspeaking on a television broadcast.

I don’t know whether Blow is incompetent or just lazy. Either way, he shouldn’t have access to a computer ever again. This is like when grandpa drives his Olds into a storefront because “the gas pedal got stuck.” It’s time to have that hard conversation. Take his keys away. As for the editor who let this tripe see print, he should be forced to watch Courtney Loves Dallas tonight.


  • Testy

    I’m glad you’re not my boss, TR. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ahem. No, I mean, really, you are on fire this week. A real point of light when it comes to ethics and employee performance.

    Of course, I always thought you should have been fired for posting that poor litterbug’s name and license plate. Say, wasn’t she being stalked? And then there was that whole fiasco with you using your position as an editor to get your kid into a DISD program. That’ reminds me, I really liked your post on Stefani Carter yesterday

    My point is, thank you for continuing to set moral and journalistic standards for community.

    Best waffles,

    • Tim Rogers

      I love you, and I forgive you.

    • Jack Jett

      I like how Tim uses legal tactics to force gay publications to pay for use of his photo. Or how did that story pan out that started as a simple fun story?

  • Avid Reader

    What did your pilot friend have to say about this situation? I really only care if was an actual defender and not just a mid-fielder that sometimes made a defensive play.

    • Tim Rogers

      Defender all the way. I promise.

      He said it is difficult to do what these SW pilots did. It happens, yes. But a whole series of things has to go awry to land at the wrong field. It means they were doing a visual approach without aid of land-based navigation. And, as I wrote, he said if they were heavier (more fuel, more cargo), they could have gone off the end of the runway. He agreed with me that there is no comparison between catching a fly ball and landing a Boeing 737-700 filled with people.

  • gimmethewooby

    Golly gee! Did Ol’ Steve see the drop off from the end of that runway? Best not to make light of what could have been a very tragic situation.

  • Daniel

    It’s pretty easy to poke fun of Steve Blow. Heck, I’ve poked fun of him. But it’s one thing to rib a fellow for his shortcomings. It’s another to consign him to tarnation, or imply he should skedaddle.

    I’ll admit that when he seemed to defend the Southwest pilots, it stuck in my craw. But then I got to thinking. Isn’t Steve Blow human? I am — all too human, as my wife is often the first to tell me (but never in public, bless her heart). And so are most folks I know. Maybe we should all take a deep breath before we rush to judgment. Breathing with me now? I know I am.

    Maybe Steve Blow was totally wrecked on hydrocodone. Heck, maybe the Southwest pilots were. I don’t know, and I guess that’s the point here. Once I underwent a (minor, thank Lordy) medical procedure that called for a round of prescription painkillers. By day five, I was bleating hysterically to my wife that my long-dead mother was in the attic, and had plans to kill us — me, her, the children, the whole shebang. I wouldn’t even remember this if my wife hadn’t told me. And maybe she was pulling my leg. I don’t know — and you don’t, either. None of us do. But to this day, I’m convinced it was a hallucination. What if I had been flying an airplane? I think it’s safe to say I would have landed in a place I wasn’t supposed to land. Would that mean I deserved a public lambasting? Have we as a society lost all sense of proportion — all compassion? I’d like to think we haven’t. But I don’t know. And you don’t, either.

    • Bill Marvel

      Wonderful Daniel! Could you do a Jim Schutze impression, too?

    • Jack Jett

      Speaking of skedaddle, is Tim still in full skedaddle mode? Or is this like The Judd’s Final Tour that ultimately blends in with The Judd’s Back Again Tour?
      I thought he was going away to make Biblical movies with Rod Dreher or become personal stylist for Robert Jeffress.
      For the sake of Eric Celeste and myself please stay and continue to get as many people fired from their work as possible as you are our own little version of Bibi Netenyahu.

  • Daniel

    Thanks, Bill.

    Wick Allison, maybe (ahem), but not Jim Schutze for some reason. Not very well.

  • G-sauce

    Congratulations on the crass and cringe-worthy post, Tim. Fire, really?

    • Tim Rogers

      Okay, okay. Indefinitely suspended without pay.

  • Rif Raff

    I’m sorry your time as a child with your father was limited, but pleasing Wick with these missives is not the way to build your manhood and self-worth.

  • Dubious Brother

    I look at this incident from 2 perspectives – the SWA incident, not Blow’s column.
    My daughter has flown the Chicago to Dallas route on SWA as a minor child many times for visitation purposes. Thanks to the Wright amendment it is never a direct flight but she has never stopped in Branson – just Kansas City, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock, Houston and Austin – but not on the same flight. Had she been on that flight, I would not have been a happy parent and she would have been a freaked out child but in the long run thankful that it was not a horrible tragedy.
    The other perspective is from my brother who had the same type of experience – on a large plane landing on a short runway which makes those who are aware shutter to say the least. The difference was he was in the military and they were landing where they were supposed to land. I wonder if the pilots had military flying experience and I await the results of the investigation.
    Southwest Airlines is still a great airline.

  • Tim Rogers

    I love you, and I forgive you.

  • PT Moore

    Flying is the safest form of travel because pilots, airlines, the NTSB and the FAA take this type of issue very seriously. They do a root cause analysis, study human factors and work hard to make sure that this type of dangerous event is rare. While I don’t think Steve should be fired I think his column showed he had a bad day at the office. Luckily newspaper columnists can kill an airplane load of people.

  • Eric Celeste

    And you thought that commenter who makes fun of my gf hates me.

  • Ted

    How come Blow is wearing a tux and you’re not?

    But I think you still win the picture by smiling. Blow just looks mopey by comparison.

  • Zac Crain

    You guys are missing the genius here. Steve Blow is slyly showing how even a newspaper columnist can have a bad day at the office, without ever tipping his hand once. BRAVO, SIR.

  • Bill Marvel

    I told a certain D staffer does a devastating Schutze impression. I’d pay good money to see it.

  • Bill Marvel

    I’m told a certain D staffer does a devastating Schutze impression. I’d pay good money to see it.

  • Bruce Tomaso

    ‘I don’t know whether Blow is incompetent or just lazy.’

    That disappoints me. I guess I think of you as an expert in both.

    • Jack Jett

      Bruce, Please know that you will most likely have to step down from your current gig. There is NO room in the city for snarky comments directed at Tim Rogers. I love Tim and hang to his every word in an attempt to avoid any Christy style Christ-tique.

      Tim, please be nice to Mr. Bruce and don’t send him to the cornfield He didn’t mean it. Really he didn’t. He won’t say it again Mr.Tim. Please let him keep his job.

  • Kristiesmithone

    I think all of you are jealous of a very talented and humorous writer!! Get a life!!!