Dallas Woman To Appear on CNN To Talk About Her Addiction to Elf on a Shelf

Katy Koenig is an insane woman. Heroin would be healthier for her.

elfAt 12:30 today point your eyes to CNN Headline News, whereon, I am told, you will see a story about Dallas resident Katy Koenig, who has a serious problem with elf on a shelf. From the looks of things, the lady spends upwards of eight hours a day working on her dang dioramas. The picture you see here, which I brazenly stole from her Instagram feed, was taken three days ago. Koenig’s caption: “It appears Nicky must have made an overnight trip to IKEA to furnish her favorite shelf in our house.” In another setup, Nicky was playing tennis with Snoopy. The worst, though, was Nicky going through a tiny scrapbook filled with pictures from Christmas 2012. Seriously, this Koenig lady needs to get help. I feel terrible for her husband. (Full disclosure: I have eaten dinner at Katy Koenig’s house, and I really enjoyed it.)