Nieman Storyboard Pits Zac Crain Against Katy Vine, Mike Mooney Against Nicholas Schmidle

This is something you don’t have time to do. Go over to Nieman Storyboard, a Harvard joint, where they are comparing different longform stories written on the same topic. There are 16 storytellers tackling six topics. Somehow (false modesty alert), D Magazine accounts for one-eighth of those storytellers. Mike Mooney faces off against the New Yorker’s Nicholas Schmidle on the Chris Kyle story. And Zac Crain faces off against Texas Monthly’s Katy Vine and the News’ on Dave Tarrant and Sarah Mervosh on the West, Texas, story.

The winners? We are! Readers everywhere win! (The only loser is Nicholas Schmidle, who wronged Mike in his story. But that’s a beef for another time.)