Leading Off (10/4/13)

So Does Wendy Davis Have a Shot? The state senator made her run for governor of Texas official on Thursday afternoon. At the Morning News,  Jim Mitchell writes that it’ll take a “Clayton Williams-sized screwup” for her to win the job, Rodger Jones called her “Bill White, only with lots of hair and a personality,” Bill McKenzie is afraid of her education strategy, Tod Robberson urges her to run a centrist campaign, Mike Hashimoto wonders whether she can move beyond her reputation as an “abortion champion,” and Wayne Slater notes that she avoided the abortion issue during her announcement but will have to talk about it eventually. Meanwhile, Twitter lived up to its reputation as a natural home for thoughtful thoughtless political commentary.

Carrollton Police Seek Murder Suspect. A body was found in a Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD bus barn on Wednesday night, and now the cops are “actively seeking” 36-year-old Gerardo Rodriguez Alvarez in connection with the crime.

Tollway Scofflaws Agree to Pay Millions. The North Texas Tollway Authority announced that during a recent grace period during which drivers could avoid penalty fees if they made arrangements to pay unpaid tolls, $4.7 million worth of settlements were collected and another $4.4 may be coming within the next year. Soon frequent violators could be banned from toll roads and fined $500 for driving on one of the NTTA’s roads.

Fall Weather Finally Coming.  Glory be. Highs in the 70s this weekend.


  • Lew Patton

    I don’t believe in abortion, so I don’t believe in Wendy.

  • M Streeter

    I don’t believe in crony corruption so I don’t believe in Greg Abbott.

  • Pegaso

    Predictably, most single-issue voters like you will shun Wendy Davis for that reason.

  • Jack Jett

    “Abortion champion”………? Wow. Did you get that line from Ted Cruz?

  • fonzie

    Well she made herself a single-issue candidate with her grandstanding earlier this year…..

  • Jack Jett

    Do you believe in champions?

  • Brett Moore

    Ergo, Sen. Cruz is now pigeonholed as a single issue candidate on the Bataan Death March.

  • Dubious Brother

    What is the Cruz single issue?