What’s in a Name? The SMU Student Body President and His Star-Making Moniker

Ramon-TrespalaciosI just happened upon this promotional video celebrating SMU’s 13-year-old tradition of “Boulevarding” before football games. Not sure what I was expecting to see when I hit the play button, but was delighted to learn that the name of the SMU student body president is Ramon Trespalacious.

That’s much more than a name. It’s glorious. Ramon Trespalacious is a world-renowned chef who moonlights as an operative for the CIA. His latest album dominates the Latin and hip-hop charts. He just signed a five-picture deal with Dreamworks. Ramon Trespalacious is the first man to climb each of the Seven Summits and to swim each of the Ocean’s Seven while committing all of the seven deadly sins. We need to make him a star, I thought.

But then I discovered that his name is, in fact, Ramon Trespalacios. I mean, that’s still pretty good, but my disappointment will no longer allow me to see the potential. Then again, the kid can rock an elephant costume.


  • Joanna_Smith4

    my buddy’s step-aunt makes $89/hour on the computer. She has been out of a job for nine months but last month her pay was $21907 just working on the computer for a few hours. i was reading this..


  • smustang

    Man, they even got his name wrong in the headline of the elephant costume biography