Meet the Brains Behind Breastaurant Uniforms

Some of Saunders' handiwork.
Some of Saunders’ handiwork.

Business Insider talks to Terra Saunders, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and the head of Dallaswear Uniforms, who is responsible for designing the uniforms worn by the wait staff at all your favorite “breastaurants,” including Twin Peaks and Hooters.

“There’s more to breastaurants than cleavage,” Saunders tells Business Insider. “We want something that breathes. We don’t want pantylines or bra straps to show. The girls need to feel good and confident and there’s a lot of science behind that.”

Feel free to conduct your own scientific research into the subject at the website for Waitressville, a division of Dallaswear Uniforms.


  • Eric

    Didn’t realize females had two brains?
    Is this an example of Terra Forma?
    Nice to know women can let their small head do their ‘thinking’ for them just as well as men.